Candidate Financial Reporting Login

To ensure easier and quicker processing of campaign finance data, all local candidates (Constitutional Officers, County Court Judge, Elected School District Officials) and local committees (Ocala City Council) are required to file their campaign treasurer’s reports using our on-line filing procedures. Information is protected through our secure, password-protected section of the Candidate portion of the web page.

Your report must be transmitted to our office by the due date, pursuant to F.S. 106.07. The software for this reporting system makes this process easy to use. The financial reports, which you prepare, will be posted on the Election Center website.

To access the Campaign Financial Reporting system, click on the link below.

Candidate Data Download Instructions

Please refer to the 2016 Vote-by-Mail Ballot Delivery Schedule for dates of Vote-By-Mail data file availability and mailings.  The data files will be available after 4:00 PM.