Requesting Data

District and Precinct Maps

Maps of districts and precincts can be printed in various sizes.  For examples of available maps, please see the Maps section of our website.  To inquire about maps, please use the email link below.

Request Maps via Email

Voter Registration Data

Voter Registration data is public record and may be requested from the Election Center.  Please contact the Election Center by email and include contact information and specific criteria.  The Election Center will set up a consultation to determine the exact data and format being requested.

Request Data via Email

  • Data can be exported as a comma-delimited text file, a .pdf of a printed report or a paper printed report.
  • Data that can be electronically sent to the requester, via email or ftp, is free of charge.
  • Data that is burned to a CD is $15 per CD.
  • Data that is printed to paper is $.15 per page, labels are $.30 per page, with a minimum order fee of $10.00. NOTE: A maximum of 500 records or 25 pages will be printed.
  • For all requests requiring payment, upfront payment will be made before any media is created.
  • Candidates must pay with a campaign check, committees must pay with a committee check and governmental agencies must pay with an official check.
  • Any postage required will be billed to the requester.
  • Please allow five business days for processing data requests.  During peak operational time, processing may take longer.

Vote-by-Mail (Absentee) Data Request

Download the Vote-by-Mail Data Request form

2016 Vote-by-Mail Ballot Delivery Schedule

  • Qualified Candidates and committees requesting Vote-by-Mail (Absentee) data must make the request using the Vote-by-Mail Data Request form. 
  • Vote-by-Mail (Absentee) Data files will be released according to the above 2016 Vote-by-Mail Ballot Delivery Schedule. 
  • Data files are uploaded to the Election Center's Candidate File Distribution Service per the published schedule, and are available to be downloaded at the convenience of the candidate or committee.
  • The Candidate or Committee will be sent a login and password to access and download files from the Candidate File Distribution Service.
  • Vote-by-Mail Data is based on the candidate's or committee's district and party affiliation.  No other criteria will be used to export the data.  
  • The exported format is comma-delimited text file.  
  • Daily data runs that are less than 100 records may be printed to labels and picked up at the Election Center.