Steps to Become a Candidate

STEP 1 - File Your Intent:

File with the Election Center the Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository
Form DS-DE 9.

This form MUST be filed prior to opening the campaign depository, accepting contributions, making expenditures, or circulating petition forms. Filing your intent for candidacy is not complete until filing forms are accepted and date/time stamped by the Marion County Election Center. Special District candidates are not required to file DS-DE 9 or open a campaign account unless you collect contributions or make expenditures for anything other than the filing fee or petition verification fee. (Section 99.061 F.S.)

STEP 2 - Acknowledgement of Requirements:

Within 10 days after filing the Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository, you MUST file a Statement of Candidate. Form DS-DE 84:   Judicial Candidates MUST also file a Statement of Candidate for Judicial Office: DS-DE 83.

STEP 3 - Choose One of the Following Qualifying Methods:

1.  Petition Process- Form DS-DE 104
     (Section 99.095 F.S., Rule 1S-2.045)

2.  Pay Qualifying Fee   (Section 99.092 F.S.)

3.  Write-In Candidate    (Section 99.061(4) F.S.)

STEP 4 - Qualify During the Official Qualifying Period

All candidates are required to qualify during the official qualifying period.  

Judicial:  Noon, April 30, 2018 to NOON, May 4, 2018
County and Special District:  Noon, June 18 ,2018 to NOON, June 22, 2018

For Additional Information Contact the Marion County Election Center at 352-620-3290