Departmental Breakdown of the Marion County Election Center

Voter Services Department

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The Voter Services Department maintains voter registration rolls for Marion County.  Voter Services registers voters and provides customer service to voters who need to change their address, name, party affiliation, and other aspects of their voter registration.

Vote-By-Mail Department

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The Vote-By-Mail Department maintains requests for voting by mail, the processing of mail ballots and the tabulation of mail ballots on Election Day.

Election Services Department

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The Election Services Department ensures proper maintenance and functionality of all the equipment used in elections in Marion County.  Election Services also coordinates the delivery and return of election and polling place equipment, and polling place coordination.

Election Worker Department

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The Election Worker Department is responsible for Election Worker staffing and training of Early Voting and Election Day polling places.  

Candidates and Committees Department

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The Candidates and Committees Department provides services to perspective candidates, including instruction on becoming a candidate, filing, qualifying, providing documentation and covering campaign financial requirements and electronic reporting.  The Candidates and Committees Department also provides services to committees wishing to participate in an election.