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What is Early Voting

Early Voting is a convenient voting option available to all registered voters to cast a ballot in person prior to Election Day at a location designated by the Supervisor of Elections as an Early Voting Site.

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When is Early Voting Available

Early Voting is only required for elections containing a state or federal office race and will not be offered in municipal elections.

Early Voting begins approximately 10 days before a county-wide election and ends 3 days before the election. 

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How to Early Vote

Voters who want to early vote can cast a ballot at any early voting site located within Marion County when the site is open and must provide a current and valid photo and signature identification at the time of voting. Click here to view a list of acceptable forms of Identification.

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Early Voting Sites in Marion County: 

Click here to view a map of Early Voting Sites

  Election Center
981 NE 16th St, Ocala 
   Reddick Community Center
4345 NW 152nd St, Reddick

Forest Public Library
905 S HWY 314A, Ocklawaha
   Freedom Public Library
5870 SW 95th St, Ocala
   The Villages Mulberry Center - Liberty Room
8445 SE 165th Mulberry Ln, The Villages
   Belleview Public Library
13145 SE HWY 484, Belleview
   Deputy Brian Litz Building
9048 SW HWY 200, Ocala
   Dunnellon Public Library
20351 Robinson Rd, Dunnellon
   Silver Springs Shores Community Center
590 Silver Rd, Ocala
Click here to view the map of Early Voting Sites

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