Some voters may have received a voter information card with an incorrect residential zip code (86503) misprinted by the mailer. Voting status is not affected and voters can verify their information here.


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Early Voting and Polling Places, Section 101.131, 102.031 F.S. and DE 12-13

  • Poll watchers shall produce identification to the precinct clerk upon entering the polling place (this information will be verified against a list of designated poll watchers compiled prior to Election Day).
  • The Supervisor of Elections shall provide to each designated poll watcher a poll watcher identification badge that identifies the poll watcher by name.
  • Poll watchers must wear the ID badge while in the polling room or early voting area.
  • Each political party, candidate, and political committee is permitted to have ONE poll watcher at a time in each polling room or early voting area.
  • Poll watchers shall not obstruct the orderly conduct of the election.
  • Poll watchers may not talk to voters while in the polling place or within 150 ft. of the polling place.
  • Poll watchers may not interfere in conversations between election workers and voters.
  • Poll watchers shall direct any questions/concerns to the precinct clerk.
  • Poll watchers shall direct any voter challenges to the precinct clerk.
  • Poll watchers are permitted within the polling room to observe the conduct of voters and election workers; however, the election worker staff may designate a location for the poll watchers that will not interfere with voter processing. This designation may be based on site constraints and other space limitations.
  • Election workers are NOT required to call out a voter’s name.
  • Poll watchers may not stand so close that the voter feels his/her ballot secrecy is compromised.
  • Poll watchers are required to furnish their own materials and necessities.
  • Candidates cannot be poll watchers, nor can they enter any polling location except to vote.
  • Poll watchers may not touch any voting equipment or materials, e.g. ballot scanner.
  • The use of cell phones, cameras, tape recorders, and all other audio/visual recording devices are prohibited in the polling room.  The device must be set so as to produce no noise or a low volume vibration.  One must exit the polling location to make and receive phone calls.
  • Poll watchers may not wear political advertisements or campaign paraphernalia in the polling place. This includes but is not limited to the following: clothing, campaign buttons, hats, wristbands, badges, and other similar items. (Voters are entitled to wear political advertisements or campaign paraphernalia).Poll watchers may contact the Election Center at 352-620-3290 if they have any questions regarding Florida election laws and/or procedures.


Designation of Poll Watchers, F.S 101.131

  • The chair of the county executive committee of a political party, the chair of a political committee and each candidate desiring poll watchers shall submit written authorization giving early voting and precinct assignment of poll watchers on a Poll Watcher Designation Form DS-DE 125.
  • The deadline for designating early voting poll watchers is at least 14 days prior to the start of early voting; the deadline for designating election day poll watchers is PRIOR TO NOON THE SECOND TUESDAY preceding the election.
  • A poll watcher must be a Marion County registered voter.
  • No candidate, sheriff, deputy sheriff, police officer, or other law enforcement officer may be designated as a poll watcher. In addition, candidates CANNOT serve as election workers if they are opposed in an election, F.S. 102.012(2).
  • Forms for the designation of poll watchers must be submitted to the Supervisor of Elections office: faxed to 352-620-3286 or emailed to Elections@VoteMarion.Gov.
  • If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday when the elections offices are closed, forms must still be received before noon on the due date.
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