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To be used in any election in Florida, the voting system must be approved by the State. The State must first test and determine that the hardware and software meet the standards set out in law and rule. Our state-certified voting equipment is rigorously tested prior to each election with a public logic and accuracy test to verify the equipment will accurately examine, count, and record votes exactly as marked. A public manual audit is conducted after each election where ballots are counted by hand in randomly selected precincts and races to ensure the machine count is equivalent to the hand-counted results.

Paper Ballots

Florida is a paper ballot state, leaving an audit trail for every vote cast. Voters mark their paper ballot by filling in an oval next to their choice.

Electronic Poll Books

Electronic poll books are used to check voters into an Early Voting site or an Election Day voting location. When a voter checks in, returns a mail ballot, or makes a voter registration change, that information is sent to the Election Center and all other electronic poll books in Marion County. 

Optical Scanner

An optical scanner reads a paper ballot, tabulates and securely transmits a copy of the results. The optical scanner Includes physical security features to secure sensitive components and election files, operating system controls that limit and detect unauthorized access, and safeguards, such as data encryption and digital signatures. Marion County has been using optical-scan technology with great success since 2001.

High-speed Optical Scanner 

High-capacity, high-speed optical-scan tabulators are centrally located at the Election Center to accurately and efficiently read the large quantities of mail ballots to be tabulated on Election Day.

Ballot on Demand

Ballot on Demand is a system used during Early Voting.  Early Voting sites are different from Election Day voting locations in that any eligible voter from anywhere within Marion County can go to any Early Voting site and cast a ballot. An Early Voting site must be able to produce the correct ballot for any voter within Marion County, and the Ballot on Demand system allows the Election Center to achieve that goal. 

Electronic Ballot Marking Device

As a marker, the electronic ballot marking device uses touch-screen technology to produce a paper vote record for tabulation. The device is available at all Early Voting sites and Election Day voting locations to serve eligible voters with special needs. 

ADA Site Compliance-Accessibility Policy
Under Florida law, F.S. 668.6076, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.