Voting by Mail

Voting by Mail is easy and convenient, accurate and efficient and available to all registered voters in Marion County.

Vote-By-Mail Ballots

Any registered voter in Marion County is entitled to vote a Mail ballot.  The ballot may be requested in person, through our website or by telephone.  Only the voter or a designated member of the voter's family may request a ballot to be mailed to them.

Requesting a Vote-By-Mail Ballot

Online Vote-By-Mail Ballot Application

The person making the request must submit the following information:

  • The voter's name for whom the ballot is requested
  • The voter's address
  • The voter's date of birth
  • The voter's signature (written requests)

Requesting and Picking Up a Vote-By-Mail Ballot for a Voter

If the voter has designated a guardian or family member to request a Mail ballot, that designee must provide the above information in addition to completely filling out the Affidavit to Pick Up Mail Ballot for Voter.

A Mail ballot request must be received by the Election Center no later than 5:00 PM on the 6th day before the election.  The voter must personally vote the ballot and sign the return envelope.  A Power of Attorney cannot sign for the voter.

A voter may designate in writing another person to pick up their ballot five (5) days prior to Election Day.  The designee may only pick up two (2) ballots per election, not including his or her own for immediate family.  The designee must provide picture identification, written authorization from the voter and complete an affidavit.

Additional Notes

Please note that Vote-By-Mail requests expire after every two general election cycles. (F.S. 101.62) To check the status of your mail ballot requests you can call the Election Center or look it up by using our Voter Registration Status Tool

Make sure the Election Center has your correct address.  Vote-By-Mail ballots cannot be forwarded.

Voted mail ballots must be returned to the Election Center no later than 7:00 PM on Election Day.  After the Election Center has received a Vote-By-Mail ballot, no changes may be made. (F.S. 101.048, 101.62, 101.69)

Voted mail-ballots will not be accepted at any polling place or early voting site.  Voted mail-ballots must be returned directly to the Election Center.

Email the Vote-By-Mail Department